The edge of your craft

Johanna trains advanced students and professional performers who are game enough to find the very edge of their craft, and who are determined to leave their audiences spellbound.

She brings the tools, trades, techniques and rigor of the European training grounds to international rehearsal studios. Johanna has studied and practised these techniques for over ten years, and these intensive workshops are only suited to students and performers of high discipline who are willing and ready to work at an advanced-performer level.

Workshops are tailored to suit the specific needs of the ensemble or tertiary-institution. Depending on the requirements of the students, various types of masks will be used as tools to accelerate learning.

One-off workshop is EU250 (2hrs). A series of workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of any ensemble. For international workshop, the minimum booking time is five full days (30 hours, 2000EU + travel costs)

For the dancers and acrobats

Dancers and acrobats who wish to go beyond the scope of spectacle and become fierce communicators will be taught tricks that will leave audiences yearning for more. Audiences will no longer have time to check the program while you work hard on stage. They will be with you, and desperate.

For the singers and instrumentalists

Audiences come to both hear and watch a musician. This workshop is designed for singers and musicians who wish to step out from the wings and have the audience won over within seconds, before the music starts. Workshops cover foolproof techniques of stage presence, movement and posture, recovery of mistakes, and using the body to assist in the communication of your sound.

For the actors and physical-theatre artists

This intense physical training is perfect for getting the actors out of their heads and into their bodies. Physical theatre artists who are used to such intensity will also learn how to create a story and how to improvise without giving into into self-indulgence. Participants will take home a physical vocabulary that will help them create postures, gestures and walks of a believable character, that is, genuine embodiment of characterisation. Mask-work has stood the test of time in acting schools world-wide: the actor must first learn to tell the story with their body. Once accomplished, stories told by facial expressiveness and vocalisation will project to the back of a packed audience.

Each workshop series is tailored to suit the needs of the ensemble.

A minimum booking of two hours is necessary. One-off bookings are welcome. A series of workshops is highly recommended for in-depth training. Two-week full time workshops, such as an intense winter workshop, would suit professional training academies wishing to extend their program. Below is an example workshop developed for a contemporary opera/dance company. The series ran over six-weeks: each weekly workshop was two hours in length.


Example: Six 2hr workshops developed for a dance/opera company

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